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The Exchange for Innovative Access
to Finance for Women


Gender bonds are increasingly acknowledged as an effective mechanism for unleashing capital to women and empowering them financially.   


The latest article coauthored by ADB’s gender finance experts explores how gender bonds can be used to reshape the financial landscape for women. The blog offers an insightful overview of gender bonds, their impact on gender equality and women empowerment, and sheds light on ways to accelerate the market’s growth. 

Is Digital Finance the Answer to Giving Women-Owned MSMEs Access to Credit?

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News and Events

WFX with support from the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) published a study that examines the barriers women entrepreneurs face and how financial institutions can help address the current credit gap in Fiji.

Climate risks can have severe impact on a financial institution’s portfolio. The management and monitoring of these risks are complex exercises. On 19 September, WFX held an invite-only webinar for financial institutions on this subject. Recording can now be accessed by members.

At ADB’s 2023 Gender Forum, we held a “Spotlight on Gender-Inclusive Green Finance” session focusing on the intersection between gender responsive finance and #ClimateAction.  


Speakers highlighted key insights from innovative projects at the nexus of green and gender: 

  • Joana Pedro from UNEP-FI provided an overview on the landscape and opportunities represented by gender-inclusive green finance 

  • Kamrul Tarafder, CEO of ASA Philippines, discussed how ASA provides financing solutions for low-income women entrepreneurs for purposes including water and sanitation, solar home systems, and disaster assistance

  • Maya Kobalia of Crystal, the largest microfinance institution in Georgia, highlighted the first certified gender bond issuance in the South Caucasus and in the Georgian Stock Exchange 

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  • ADB’s Biao Huang discussed Bank of Qingdao’s groundbreaking “blue finance” project and Ping An International Financial Leasing’s project aimed at promoting energy efficiency leasing solutions for micro, small and medium enterprises in China 


Participants shared global trends and discussed how to catalyze and scale up climate finance with a gender lens in Asia. 

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In Focus



Innovation and


 We support FIs in the identification and selection of cutting-edge technologies to facilitate gender-responsive and sustainable financing.

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Funding Opportunities

We explore funding and co-financing opportunities to support FIs  in boosting  lending to women and women's businesses.

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Sustainable Finance

We encourage   sustainable finance in our partner FI's lending and investments.  

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Women’s Finance Exchange (WFX) is an ADB initiative to support financial institutions (FIs) and their women borrowers through innovative solutions. Women-owned businesses all over the world face significant challenges when seeking financial services. Estimates show that almost 70% of women-owned small and medium enterprises in the formal sector in developing countries are unserved or underserved and have financing gap of 1.7 trillion. WFX aims to reduce the gender gap in financial inclusion in Asia and the Pacific to ensure women have equal opportunities to to access and benefit from financial services.

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