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Women Business Owners Present Green Growth Potential for Financial Institutions in Pakistan


The brief highlights women’s greater proclivity for taking climate action, considers Pakistan’s progress toward building an enabling environment, and explains why unlocking women's access to finance can contribute to a rise in greener economic growth. 


Sustainable Finance Benefits from a Gender Lens


This brief explains that women constitute 70% of the world’s 1.3 billion poor people and considers the challenges they face to access financing and play a role in climate mitigation and adaptation decisions. It sets out ways financial institutions can weave gender into their lending processes, strategy, product development, and data analysis to increase the role of women in green finance and bolster their long-term resilience.

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Steps for Integrating Sex-Disaggregated Data in a Financial Institution


This guidance note was developed to support financial institutions (FIs) in collecting and using sex-disaggregated data because it drives the business case for, and is essential in, targeting the women’s market, a globally recognized profitable yet untapped business segment for financial service providers.  This note is adopted from the guidelines set forth by the Alliance for Financial Inclusion for its member central banks as well as The Power of Women’s Market Data by the Financial Alliance for Women.

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Women-Owned Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Fiji: Opportunities and Challenges for Private Sector Financial Institutions


This publication shares insights on how private sector financial institutions in Fiji can help women who own micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises to access credit, estimating unmet demand at $111 million.


Gender Bonds: From Incidental to Center Stage


This brief shows how the nascent gender bond market can effectively channel much-needed capital to women-owned small business, boost financial inclusion, and help advance gender equality in the Asia and Pacific region.


Training Women's Small Businesses in Papua New Guinea


This brochure introduces the Women’s Finance Exchange or gWFX, featuring testimonials from business owners and entrepreneurs who benefited from training sessions held in Papua New Guinea in 2021. 

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