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Private sector participation is crucial for inclusive and sustainable development. At its 57th Annual Meeting, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is hosting several seminars and networking events to deliberate on the role of private sector in unlocking finance for inclusive and sustainable development and explore the growth of environmental, social, and governance considerations in capital markets, latest developments in digital technologies and artificial intelligence, and the green transport trends in developing Asia and the Pacific. On this videoSuzanne Gaboury, Director General, Private Sector Operations Department, ADB invites stakeholders to attend these seminars and networking events.

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ADB’s private sector operations is promoting gender equality and contributing to green, equitable, and inclusive development in India by empowering women with access to loans for safe, sustainable, and affordable homes.

This video was launched during COP28 in December 2023. ADB is contributing towards building climate resilience and addressing the shortage of affordable housing in India by facilitating loans for economically disadvantaged women.

Financial inclusion is key to empowering women entrepreneurs and closing gender gaps in Asia and the Pacific.

This short clip features Lisette Cipriano, Senior Digital Technology Specialist in ADB, as she talks about financial inclusion and what ADB is doing on this topic.

View this post on LinkedIn.

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Learn more about what we do by watching this video.

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gWFX wants to ensure that this digitalization does not leave women-owned and led businesses behind. gWFX does this through hackathons, webinars, capacity building, and knowledge products that can enable financial institutions empower women through digitalization. Watch the video here.

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Women can play a huge role in the fight against climate change, but their opportunities are often limited. Learn how ADB works with financial institutions to reach underserved women and women’s businesses in the region. See this Twitter post of Christine Engstrom, Senior Director, Finance Sector Office, ADB talking about Climate Financing Solutions.

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gWFX aims to close the financing gap for women SMEs through fintech solutions, financial literacy trainings, webinars and other technologies. See this short video about gWFX' first hackathon.

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To view our webinar recordings, go to Events.

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