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This publication shares insights on how private sector financial institutions in Fiji can help women who own micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises to access credit, estimating unmet demand at $111 million.


This guidance note was developed to support financial institutions (FIs) in collecting and using sex-disaggregated data because it drives the business case for, and is essential in, targeting the women’s market, a globally recognized profitable yet untapped business segment for financial service providers.  This note is adopted from the guidelines set forth by the Alliance for Financial Inclusion for its member central banks as well as The Power of Women’s Market Data by the Financial Alliance for Women.


ADB’s recently released gender brief highlights how the gender bond market can be a powerful tool to support women-owned small businesses, promote financial inclusion, and advance gender equality.  

Women have less access to digital technology than men and the financial cost weighs heavily on individuals and society.


At the #ADBAnnualMeeting, Chief of Gender Equality Samantha Hung speaks to us about the importance of making digital technology work for all.

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Financial inclusion is key to empowering women entrepreneurs and closing gender gaps in Asia and the Pacific.

This short clip features Lisette Cipriano, Senior Digital Technology Specialist in ADB, as she talks about financial inclusion and what ADB is doing on this topic.

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This brochure introduces the Women’s Finance Exchange or WFX, featuring testimonials from business owners and entrepreneurs who benefited from training sessions held in Papua New Guinea in 2021. Open brochure.

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Learn more about what we do by watching this video.

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WFX wants to ensure that this digitalization does not leave women-owned and led businesses behind. The WFX does this through hackathons, webinars, capacity building, and knowledge products that can enable financial institutions empower women through digitalization. Watch the video here.

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Women can play a huge role in the fight against climate change, but their opportunities are often limited. Learn how ADB works with financial institutions to reach underserved women and women’s businesses in the region. See this Twitter post of our Director, Christine talking about Climate Financing Solutions.

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WFX aims to close the financing gap for women SMEs through fintech solutions, financial literacy trainings, webinars and other technologies. See this short video about WFX' first hackathon.

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To view our webinar recordings, go to Events.

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