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Upcoming: gWFX Knowledge Series for Members

13 June 2024 

This new online knowledge series is exclusively for gWFX site members and will cover the following topics:

  • Preparing for the Green Transition

  • Gender Finance

  • Digital Technology

The first session will be led by our sustainable finance expert, Carola Menzel, and will take place on 13 June from 1:00-2:00pm Manila time.

If you are already a site member, you may register here to join the webinar or scan the QR on the poster.


If you are not a gWFX member yet, you are welcome to sign up here as a member first and we will provide a link for webinar registration.

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WE Finance Code in Fiji

26 March 2024

We held a workshop in Suva, Fiji, on the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Code (“WE Finance Code” or simply “the Code”), following its official launch on 23 March. The workshop, attended by 25 individuals from 7 different financial institutions, provided insights into the Code and its capacity-building program for financial institutions. The workshop provided examples of best practices and case studies demonstrating how to gather, analyze, and apply data to create customized solutions for women entrepreneurs.

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ADB Gender Forum

22 November 2023

We held a “Spotlight on Gender-Inclusive Green Finance” event at ADB’s Gender Forum on 22 November, sharing global trends and discussing how to catalyze and scale up gender inclusive green finance in Asia and the Pacific. The event was introduced by ADB’s Director General of the Private Sector Operations Department, Suzanne Gaboury. Speakers highlighted key insights from innovative projects at the intersection of green and gender. The event was attended by over 400 participants from 70 countries, including representatives of government agencies, the private sector, academia and civil society.  Visit ADB Gender Forum's event website for more information. See our session's photos here. 

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Climate Risk Management

19 September 2023

Climate risks can have severe impact on a financial institution’s portfolio. The management and monitoring of these risks are complex exercises. On 19 September, gWFX held an invite-only webinar for financial institutions on this subject.

The webinar recording and presentation materials are available for members.

Sign up/Log in.

Certified Gender Bonds: What, Why and How?

30 March 2023

Check out the recording of our in-house event on the lessons learned from certified gender bond issuance.

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Gender and Tech: The Necessary Frontier

29 March 2023

As part of our activities for the Women's Month 2023, we held this fireside chat which delved into the reasons behind the scarcity of women in leadership roles and the boardrooms within the startups technology space. Gender bias, lack of female role models, and underrepresentation of women in STEM studies were identified as some of the key contributing factors. 


Mo Harvey, CEO and Founder of Tribe Fintech and Jacqueline Yee, Board Member of Advance Health Intelligence and Mustang Energy PLC spoke about ways to increase female representation in the tech space.

IWD 2023 ADB.png

Certified Gender Bonds: What, Why and How?

15 March 2023


ADB has recently subscribed to the first certified gender bond issuance in Georgia by Crystal, the largest microfinance institution in Georgia. During this webinar, lessons learned from this 1st issuance were shared by the international standard setting body, the second party opinion provider, the issuer and ADB.

Watch the full webinar here to appreciate the importance of expanding capital market instruments, while keeping the focus on gender equality and international standards.

Sustainable and Inclusive Webinar

Impacts of Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for Financial Institutions

24 November 2022


The webinar provided an overview of climate risks and opportunities and how they might impact the portfolios of financial institutions. The speakers have provided insights on how climate risks can be quantified and opportunities identified. Case studies were presented to explain what bankable “green” projects are in terms of mitigation, adaptation, and resilience and the increased pressure from stakeholders including regulators, shareholders, and the international community to direct financial flow towards climate aware projects. International discourse on disclosure guidelines and questions from the audience were also discussed.

Watch the full webinar here.

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Sustainable and Inclusive: How Are Financial Institutions Closing Gender Gaps in Green Finance

5 September 2022


Women and women-led enterprises often face greater vulnerabilities to the impacts of climate change and disasters, as they are more reliant on threatened natural resources. Despite this, a large gender gap exists in sustainable/climate finance. On this event,  gWFX virtually brings together experts from various financial institutions to share what they are doing to achieve the twin goals of gender equality and climate action through finance. 

Watch the full webinar here.


Webinar Series: Digitalization and Credit Scoring for Women SMEs

02 December 2021 to 24 February 2022


The series aimed to provide practical knowledge on gender, alternative data, and insights on credit scoring for financial institutions, with discussants Dean Caire, a credit scoring specialist, and Steven Landman, a fintech expert. A total of three episodes were published to tackle the basics, the technical and implementation challenges.


Find more details here.

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The Business Case for Financing Women

25 November 2021


In this session, ADB’s Private Sector Financial Institutions Division showcased financial institutions which are banking women in innovative ways. The session provided insights into different financial institutions’ journeys to identify and capture the business opportunity that women borrowers present.  Founders, CEOs and heads of businesses of financial institutions and neo banks shared their experiences on how they use creative business models to finance women.


Watch the full webinar here.


Banking the Female Economy

12 August 2021


The Women's Finance Exchange was launched through this webinar which also talked about how the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted women and women’s businesses, and reinforced the importance of a digital economy, which can accelerate gender equality.


Watch the full webinar here.

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