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Sustainable Finance

Women in developing countries are often disproportionately affected by climate change as they are more reliant than men on natural resources that may be impacted by climate-induced natural disasters.  


Sustainable finance considers the needs, knowledge and priorities of women to address the gender dimensions of climate change. Financial institutions can play a crucial role in addressing social inequalities by investing in women.

Alongside investment transactions, gWFX can support financial institutions on their transition pathway and help them integrate sustainability into their credit decisions. Among others, this can include: 

  • Market studies identifying challenges and opportunities for green lending

  • Sustainable finance strategies and frameworks

  • Lending products and delivery channels that facilitate sustainable investments, including innovative technology solutions 

  • Knowledge and awareness raising events on climate risk, transition pathways and related topics


Need more details?

We are here to assist you. Contact us by email at or through the contact form.

We are open from 8:00AM - 5:00PM Philippine Standard Time (UTC +8).

Climate risks can have a severe impact on a financial institution’s portfolio. The management and monitoring of these risks are complex exercises. On 19 September, gWFX held an invite-only webinar for financial institutions on this subject.

The webinar recording and presentation materials are available for members. Sign up/Log in.

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