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Private Sector as a Partner for Development

Video | 15 April 2024

Private sector participation is crucial for inclusive and sustainable development. At its 57th Annual Meeting, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is hosting several seminars and networking events to deliberate on the role of private sector in unlocking finance for inclusive and sustainable development and explore the growth of environmental, social, and governance considerations in capital markets, latest developments in digital technologies and artificial intelligence, and the green transport trends in developing Asia and the Pacific. On this video, Suzanne Gaboury, Director General, Private Sector Operations Department, ADB invites stakeholders to attend these seminars and networking events.


Suzanne Gaboury, Director General, Private Sector Operations Department, ADB:


Georgia has one of the most dynamic private sectors in the Caucasus region. Since 2007, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Georgia have been actively collaborating to develop and deliver several landmark transactions with innovative structures and solutions. Our collective efforts have fueled greater private sector growth and innovation, facilitating access to international capital markets, and transforming Georgia into the regional transport and logistics hub. 


While Georgia works to fully leverage its potential to become a value adding, low-carbon regional trade hub, it remains highly susceptible to climate change impacts.  


The 57th Annual Meeting in Georgia provides us an excellent opportunity to deliberate on ways to tackle these critical issues. ADB hopes to further build bridges to the future with private sector clients, government entities and other key stakeholders to foster inclusive and sustainable growth. 


We have joined hands with our clients TBC Capital, Galt and Taggart, TBC Bank, Bank of Georgia, to bring you seminars on May 2nd. Then on May 3rd, we are hosting a breakfast roundtable together with Credo Bank and Mastercard.  


We are also hosting a CEO Forum roundtable, along with networking events to discuss latest developments in sustainable finance and digital innovation space as well as lessons learned from the private sector financing in developing member countries. 


So come and join our seminars to learn more.  


I look forward to seeing you all in Tbilisi! Come join us! 

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