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The Exchange for Innovative Access
to Finance for Women

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Women in many countries face difficulty accessing finance because of traditional credit scoring models. This blog explains how gender-responsive credit scoring model that considers women-specific data for the algorithms helps financial inclusion. Click here to read more.

Women and women-led enterprises often face greater vulnerabilities to the impacts of climate change and disasters, as they are more reliant on threatened natural resources. This webinar discussed the intersection between gender, financial inclusion, and climate change. 

WFX’s partner financial institution in Papua New Guinea is piloting a solution to enhance financial inclusion that was identified by  the first hackathon for the Pacific launched in October 2021. The selected solution is a mobile app that allows WSMEs to conduct business transactions digitally. Linked through a credit module to the bank, the data collected will allow the bank to assess cash flows and make credit decisions. Click here to read more. 

Green Finance in Pakistan

WFX is undertaking research to identify the constraints and opportunities for green lending to women and women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Watch this space for more.

Multimedia & News

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Latest Issue of our Newsletter

The latest WFX Dispatch explores how financial Institutions are closing gender gaps in green finance and provides links to the most recent studies and reports on green and inclusive finance.



Innovation and


 We support FIs in the identification and selection of cutting-edge technologies to facilitate gender-responsive and sustainable financing.

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Funding Opportunities

We explore funding and co-financing opportunities to support FIs  in boosting  lending to women and women's businesses.

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Sustainable Finance

We encourage   sustainable finance in our partner FI's lending and investments.  

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Women’s Finance Exchange (WFX) is an ADB initiative to support financial institutions (FIs) and their women borrowers through innovative solutions. Women-owned businesses all over the world face significant challenges when seeking financial services. Estimates show that almost 70% of women-owned small and medium enterprises in the formal sector in developing countries are unserved or underserved. The WFX aims to reduce this gender gap in financial inclusion in Asia and the Pacific by addressing these challenges .


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