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STEPS FOR IMPLEMENTING SEX-DISAGGREGATED DATA AT A FINANCIAL INSTITUTION. Sex-disaggregated data is data collected separately for males and females. It can refer to both supply-side operational data from financial services providers (the focus of this guidance note) and demand-side data collected through, for example, national surveys (AFI, 2020).


This guidance note was developed to support financial institutions (FIs) in collecting and using sex-disaggregated data because it drives the business case for, and is essential in, targeting the women’s market, a globally recognized profitable yet untapped business segment for financial service providers.  This note is adopted from the guidelines set forth by the Alliance for Financial Inclusion for its member central banks as well as The Power of Women’s Market Data by the Financial Alliance for Women.



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SUSTAINABLE FINANCE BENEFITS FROM A GENDER LENS. Women and girls are disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation. They need access to finance to improve their opportunities to respond to climate and environment-related risks.

In recent years, the number of sustainable finance instruments, such as green, social, and sustainability bonds, has been
increasing. The growing interest of local investors in these instruments highlights the opportunity for scaling up gender
lens investing in the ASEAN region. 


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DIGITAL ASSESSMENT TOOL FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS. The Digital Self-Assessment Tool includes a questionnaire to be completed by financial institutions. The tool will help benchmark the FIs by indicating where each organization will be in their digital journey. The questionnaire should take 5-10 minutes to complete and will show the FI how they compare in their digitalization efforts compared to their peers in APAC. The results will be masked, only showing the broader FI audience where the respondents are located and if they are categorized as a banking institution, non banking financial institution or a micro finance institution

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